Well, today is the beginning of something BIG !!  I have finally started my own blog which is what I have wanted to do for ages but havnt been game.    I took forever going through other blogs that I liked to see what the tricks are and I still don’t know what I’m doing.   The original plan was to showcase my artwork and talk about my studio and the related stories and photos that go with it, from my tiny corner of the world.   So I will attempt to do just that.    I do ceramic artwork, and have a studio at my home in the South-West of Western Australia (a beautiful part of the world)  Sometimes I do functional pieces, sometimes I do sculptural pieces mainly using porcelain or JB3  clay.   I  incorporate my pieces with found objects that I have collected from the shoreline.   My studio is full of very strange things that I think might someday be useful for some fantastic piece that will take the world by storm!    Not quite yet, though I have been resonably successful with my art and sell in different retail outlets around the state.  All of my pieces are associated with the ocean or shore and I always have had this connection with my pieces and I  have always kept this theme as it makes me happy and  this is where I live.