The time has come to show you a photo of my studio.   This is where I work happily for hours on end trying to produce some beautiful and saleable art pieces.    If I look out the window I can gaze at the swimming pool and plants.  Which is great in summer as my workshop gets very hot, so I just jump in and then go back to work in my bathers.    I have collected lots of bits and pieces so at the moment it is a little cramped and could do with a good cleanout, but I cant bear to throw anything out as I think I can always use it later or it might be good for anther piece at another time.  Since I have had my studio, which is about eight years I have been ruthless only twice in throwing things out.   It is clean though even if it is abit squashy, but then its usually just me in here.  At the moment I am glazing, which is such a boring job but has to be done and I am working on one piece that has wire coming from the driftwood and little pointy porcelain fingers which are glazed stemming from the wire.  It will hopefully look like a reef with seaweed gently swaying in the currents.  (Yeah right!!)