Yesterday I had my kiln on and have started work on quite a few new pieces.  They are due for delivery very shortly, so I had better hustle.  Six pieces are needed for the Christmas Shop at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.  I’m not sure what six yet and the rest are due in Busselton for there Summer Shop at the Artgeo Building.  I will have to do extra pieces for Busso as I am low on stock at the Courthouse Gallery in Busselton as well.  Plenty of work so little time.  I wish sometimes that I could just stay in the workshop and not have to come out to feed people and animals or do chores.  In an idyllic world I would be a studio hermit and not have to dress, just live in my p.j’s and do my artwork for days on end and not answer the door.  It would not be pretty but I would get plenty done !!!