Finally opened the kiln this morning, but it was still abit warm so I left the lid up while I had some brekky, avocado on toast and a cuppa tea  mmm….

The firing went really well and and I have been busy putting things together now that  I have the glazed pieces.  I also had some pieces in there that were just bisqued and now I can begin work on them as well.  I am really pleased with the progress I am making and always get a certain satisfaction from the pieces forming and when the artpiece is finished, and the results are successful  knowing the vision I originally had has come to fruition.  My sister in law brought me back a box of treasure from her holiday in Exmouth W.A. and I have been sorting through it all.  Some absolutely beautiful  pieces, all washed up on the beach where they camp for two weeks.   No wood though but some lovely dried seaweed and very beautiful broken shells with lovely shape and form.  I cant wait to use it all.   My imagination goes wild thinking of ways to use it all.