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Well I’ve finally got the chance to post a few photos of my road trip to the Pilbara.  What a great trip and I wish I had taken more photos.  But unfortunately you can’t keep stopping the car to take photos!!!  I love the colours up there.  Red dirt and blue sky and the green grass.  There has been a good rainfall up there this year and everything was lovely and green and fresh.  Lots of wildlife, birds and kangaroos.  Lots of   cattle too , mainly on the road.!!!  We had to slow down constantly to avoid hitting them.  It was a quick trip but worth it and we came back down on the Indian Ocean Road from Dongara to Perth.  It is a very beautiful drive as you can see the ocean alot of the way.  The sanddunes are so white its dazzling.  I didnt get a photo of them though.  There will be other trips along this way and I will try then to get a photo of the dunes as they are pretty spectacular.  The trip has given me some inspiration for my artwork and so this week I am frantically working in my studio and am happy with the results.