Well I have made good progress since unloading the kiln yesterday.  I finished the little boat people and have added their new hats !  With feathers of course.

I have made two new figures for the larger boats and have found some nice driftwood for a mast and on the other I am going to use some dried seaweed for a mast.  Cant wait to see the finished pieces as they are coming together ok.  I have opended some new clay JB3 but it is a bit damp so I am taking a break and doing this blog to let it dry out abit more.

I like the way this fellow is drying our in his boat, just waiting to be fired and to have some accessories attached.  What I normally do considering the boat is add some local beach sand to the bottom and maybe some small shells and then pour resin into the boat around the figure.  It dries lovely and has weight to it as well, so it becomes quite stable.  These two boats I will apply black oxide and wash them back.  Because of the pattern on the boats I think the results will be quite dramatic.  I will keep you posted.