Later in the day I added the black oxide to the two new larger boats and wiped it back and the results were really good.  I have used this method many times as I love the impressed clay.  I use all manner of things, nans old doily’s, lace,  lots of different coral and dried seaweed.  There are so many different ways to  make marks on your clay.   All of them are great and its a cheap way to get great results.  On the larger boats I used a lace runner from the old days with a pretty pattern. Of course the wiped back glaze makes all the difference and brings out the highlights of the pattern. I also made a figure for one of the boats to stand like a captain in the bow holding a staff. I found a fantastic piece of coral like a pencil with a tuft of seaweed on the end of it. So for the captain it would be perfect. Can’t wait to get it finished, but of course for ceramic work its all a wait.
I had an unusual piece of driftwood, bent like a letter V with long arms which I am going to attach to a smooth sphere vase. I havnt glazed it yet but will use the crackle on the bottom and something bright and green like the ocean on the rim. Another project on the go.
I will keep you posted as I am waiting for the drying process to hurry up.!!!!