Another Hot day today, but I think we are in for a storm as well because it was humid which its not normally like that down here.  The wind has picked up and  I think it will rain tonight.  I am making good progress in my workshop.

Today I sorted out shells and wood and tomorrow I will begin making another six boats, but smaller ones this time,  I will get them ready for the Christmas shop in Busselton.  Delivery is very soon so I have to have a few different things ready for that.  This year they are asking for Summery, lazy days for their gift shop.  Luckily you can submit as many pieces as you want, so I will try to do lots of smaller, more affordable pieces.          In this photo I have made some small tiles with impressed shells, I have used porcelain and lightly glazed them with a soft green glaze they are lovely to look at, very soothing.  I am trying to make the impression of the shoreline, incorporating dried seaweed and resin pieces.  I have mounted them on canvas in a spiral shape the effect it mesmerising.  I think I willl try another of these as I really like the end product, and it can be hung on the wall, so it gives me another way to use clay with a different effect.  Keep you posted….