Today I saw my little boat people on T.V.  Yeaaahhh!!!!   It was wonderful.  The ad was for the Bunbury Art Gallery Christmas Shop and was shown on the local network which covers a pretty big part of the South-West, Great Southern and our Northern areas as well.  I was so pleased as the station gets a large coverage of Western Australia.  It was the first time my pieces have been on an ad, so I’m pretty chuffed.  Bring it on….

Tomorrow I will spend the day packing all my gear up and delivering to the two galleries.  One is not far away, but Busselton is about 40 k’s away and takes me about 3/4 of an hour to get there.  So I will usualy go prepared and take as much as I can and do some other business while I’m there as well.   Lets hope the packing up goes ok.  Thats the part I hate as you have to do all the paperwork, make sure everything is labelled correctly with name and prices etc.  What a drag….