25th November …….

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The kiln is on and now I wait.
I have inked the sphere vase and applied the driftwood, it looks fantastic and I’m waiting for whats in the kiln to apply the finishing touches to the wood. I’ve got the larger boats ready for the resin but cant go any further without the last pieces as well. Fingers crossed the kiln works well.

25th November……

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I cant belive its only four weeks till christmas  eeeek!!!!!  Where has the year gone?   Today I glazed the last of the pieces for the kiln and even though its not full I put it on early, just to get the pieces finished while I have the time.  While I was waiting between switches ( I have a an old Evenheat kiln) and usually I leave a two  hour time frame between switches, and this works if I am only going to 06 temp.  It has been a faithful and hardworking companion and I have a deep respect for it and the job it does.  Anyway while I was waiting between the switch, I ventured out to  the local Stirling St. Art Gallery Christmas Fair.

Previous years I have myself participated in this fair.  But I havnt for the last two years as I had lost interest.  There were some good stalls there today but less I think to previous years and some a little reperticious.  There were some lovely ceramic buttons that were presented ready to sew onto your clothing.  Lovely patterns.  I whiled away a couple of hours and then came home to keep on with the job at hand.

24th November……

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Today I had a late start to my studio work.  But I got some pieces glazed and opened the kiln and put in what I had of Glazed and bisque work.  It is not full but I need to get them finished as delivery for both galleries is next week.  eeeeek!!!!!!!!  My own fault as usual as I havnt kept up my work hours properly and now it is completely upon me.  Oh well, keep calm and carry on, is my motto.  I  turned the kiln on about 1.30pm so it will be a late night but I’m hoping it will be able to be opened before too late tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  I will keep you posted…..

22nd November……

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Another Hot day today, but I think we are in for a storm as well because it was humid which its not normally like that down here.  The wind has picked up and  I think it will rain tonight.  I am making good progress in my workshop.

Today I sorted out shells and wood and tomorrow I will begin making another six boats, but smaller ones this time,  I will get them ready for the Christmas shop in Busselton.  Delivery is very soon so I have to have a few different things ready for that.  This year they are asking for Summery, lazy days for their gift shop.  Luckily you can submit as many pieces as you want, so I will try to do lots of smaller, more affordable pieces.          In this photo I have made some small tiles with impressed shells, I have used porcelain and lightly glazed them with a soft green glaze they are lovely to look at, very soothing.  I am trying to make the impression of the shoreline, incorporating dried seaweed and resin pieces.  I have mounted them on canvas in a spiral shape the effect it mesmerising.  I think I willl try another of these as I really like the end product, and it can be hung on the wall, so it gives me another way to use clay with a different effect.  Keep you posted….

21st November……

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Today has been so HOT, its the first taste of our summer and I think the grass outside just died in a few hours it was so HOT. Of course, you learn to live with it but the first start of Summer always takes some adjustment. I have made my verandah and pool an oasis of cool for summer. I have installed overhead fans on the verandah and a fish pond with a fountain. So it is sort of shady. Outside this area we have a pool and I am still trying to establish the garden here. But it is slowly filling up. The photo I have included with the window is my workshop. So even though it may be hot inside its a nice view out the window, and if I get to hot I can jump in the pool then go back to work !!! Which I have done on occassion.

This weather everything I am working on has to be protected from drying to quickly, one extreme to the other, if your not careful everything ends up cracked.  Good for glazing though !!!  Today I have been waiting to progress, waiting to put things in the kiln, maybe by Friday.   Keep you posted……

20th November…..

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Later in the day I added the black oxide to the two new larger boats and wiped it back and the results were really good.  I have used this method many times as I love the impressed clay.  I use all manner of things, nans old doily’s, lace,  lots of different coral and dried seaweed.  There are so many different ways to  make marks on your clay.   All of them are great and its a cheap way to get great results.  On the larger boats I used a lace runner from the old days with a pretty pattern. Of course the wiped back glaze makes all the difference and brings out the highlights of the pattern. I also made a figure for one of the boats to stand like a captain in the bow holding a staff. I found a fantastic piece of coral like a pencil with a tuft of seaweed on the end of it. So for the captain it would be perfect. Can’t wait to get it finished, but of course for ceramic work its all a wait.
I had an unusual piece of driftwood, bent like a letter V with long arms which I am going to attach to a smooth sphere vase. I havnt glazed it yet but will use the crackle on the bottom and something bright and green like the ocean on the rim. Another project on the go.
I will keep you posted as I am waiting for the drying process to hurry up.!!!!

20th November……

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Today I finished the crackle glaze peices.  I only had two, one is a jar with a lid and the other a low dish.  I then inked them and they came out beautiful, lovely colours on the edges as well.

I intend to give the low dish a driftwood handle with wire attachments.  The lidded jar I found a broken shell which was perfect for lid, so those two are finished.

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