19th November……

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Well I have made good progress since unloading the kiln yesterday.  I finished the little boat people and have added their new hats !  With feathers of course.

I have made two new figures for the larger boats and have found some nice driftwood for a mast and on the other I am going to use some dried seaweed for a mast.  Cant wait to see the finished pieces as they are coming together ok.  I have opended some new clay JB3 but it is a bit damp so I am taking a break and doing this blog to let it dry out abit more.

I like the way this fellow is drying our in his boat, just waiting to be fired and to have some accessories attached.  What I normally do considering the boat is add some local beach sand to the bottom and maybe some small shells and then pour resin into the boat around the figure.  It dries lovely and has weight to it as well, so it becomes quite stable.  These two boats I will apply black oxide and wash them back.  Because of the pattern on the boats I think the results will be quite dramatic.  I will keep you posted.


18th November…..

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Finally opened the kiln this morning, but it was still abit warm so I left the lid up while I had some brekky, avocado on toast and a cuppa tea  mmm….

The firing went really well and and I have been busy putting things together now that  I have the glazed pieces.  I also had some pieces in there that were just bisqued and now I can begin work on them as well.  I am really pleased with the progress I am making and always get a certain satisfaction from the pieces forming and when the artpiece is finished, and the results are successful  knowing the vision I originally had has come to fruition.  My sister in law brought me back a box of treasure from her holiday in Exmouth W.A. and I have been sorting through it all.  Some absolutely beautiful  pieces, all washed up on the beach where they camp for two weeks.   No wood though but some lovely dried seaweed and very beautiful broken shells with lovely shape and form.  I cant wait to use it all.   My imagination goes wild thinking of ways to use it all.

18th November…….

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Yesterday I had my kiln on and have started work on quite a few new pieces.  They are due for delivery very shortly, so I had better hustle.  Six pieces are needed for the Christmas Shop at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.  I’m not sure what six yet and the rest are due in Busselton for there Summer Shop at the Artgeo Building.  I will have to do extra pieces for Busso as I am low on stock at the Courthouse Gallery in Busselton as well.  Plenty of work so little time.  I wish sometimes that I could just stay in the workshop and not have to come out to feed people and animals or do chores.  In an idyllic world I would be a studio hermit and not have to dress, just live in my p.j’s and do my artwork for days on end and not answer the door.  It would not be pretty but I would get plenty done !!!

18th November……

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Well I’ve finally got the chance to post a few photos of my road trip to the Pilbara.  What a great trip and I wish I had taken more photos.  But unfortunately you can’t keep stopping the car to take photos!!!  I love the colours up there.  Red dirt and blue sky and the green grass.  There has been a good rainfall up there this year and everything was lovely and green and fresh.  Lots of wildlife, birds and kangaroos.  Lots of   cattle too , mainly on the road.!!!  We had to slow down constantly to avoid hitting them.  It was a quick trip but worth it and we came back down on the Indian Ocean Road from Dongara to Perth.  It is a very beautiful drive as you can see the ocean alot of the way.  The sanddunes are so white its dazzling.  I didnt get a photo of them though.  There will be other trips along this way and I will try then to get a photo of the dunes as they are pretty spectacular.  The trip has given me some inspiration for my artwork and so this week I am frantically working in my studio and am happy with the results.

7th November…..

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Work will have to wait for a few days as I’m off on a Road Trip Yeaaahhh!!!!!    I’m off to the Pilbara for a few days of R & R and to feel that beautiful dry air and sunshine.  Its still cool at night but hot during the day. The drive back down South will be good and I’m looking for to some inspiration and exploration.  I will take heaps of photos so you can see what the Pilbara looks like for those of you that havnt had the pleasure of visiting Western Australia.  I can nearly smell the spinifix and red dirt now…..    The drive will see us in Parraburdoo, Geraldton, Dongara and all the way back to the South-West.

I will keep you all posted.  See you soon.

4th November……

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Work in progress…

1st November….

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Isn’t this little fellow cute?   He is Terracotta, mounted on driftwood with a glazed hat.  I’ve attached a small tile to the edge just for some extra focus.  I will probably do a range of figures in different poses.   I don’t think I will use Terracotta for all of them though I might do some in Porcelain as well.  These figures usually sell well for Christmas, and I will do a range for Bunbury and Busselton.  Get to work girl !!!!!!

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