30th December……

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I’m afraid there has not been to much work in my studio this week as it is very very hot here in the South-West.   So that means that the studio is hot as well.    I have been beaching though and collecting bits & bobs…..2012-12-29_11-03-53_428 2012-12-29_11-04-40_265 2012-12-29_11-10-07_507 2012-12-29_11-35-57_8092012-12-20_07-52-54_278

25th December…..


Merry Christmas to allThe Spiral and a Happy New Year.  Lets hope we are all busy and successful in our ceramic travels…..

19th December……

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I can’t believe Christmas is next week !!!!!!!!   I wish I could afford to have a secretary in my life so that I could get on with my artwork and leave shopping, clothes washing, cooking and all the other mundane tasks to him/her.  Dream on Baby…….    Anyway I have been extremely busy, opened the kiln this arvo and some of the new glazes were so pretty and I’m really pleased with them and the firing was successful which is always a bonus when you are under the pump.  Now I just have to puyt it altogether and send it all on its way.  Unfortunately, the delivery was supposed to be before Christmas but I just cannot get the work done in time, so delivery will have to be by theend of December instead.  Its a slight hassle but I cannot get things finished any quicker.     On a brighter note three pieces from the BRAG Xmas Shop have sold which is a positive thing, I hope Busselton goes well too.  Fingers crossed……2012-12-19_19-07-06_249 2012-12-19_19-07-29_562 2012-12-19_19-21-53_876 2012-12-19_19-22-25_319

15th December…..

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OMG  I cant belive its  been so long since I have updated my blog!!!!    I have been busy though and am doing many different things at once.   I have decided to put the kiln on tomorrow as I think that the pieces have all dried out enough to fire.  Plus I’m in a hurry to get them glazed and finished before Christmas if possible !!!2012-12-14_17-26-03_514   But I did get to tte beach just after the stormy weather and I had it all to myself, people really should get out more….     I picked up lots of little bits and pieces, no wood though, lots of stuff for small pieces.  Busta my dog came with me as he always does and even went swimming.  When I look at these photos it looks like I live somewhere isolated, but this beach is in the middle of town!!!2012-12-14_17-51-22_835 2012-12-14_18-03-02_3582012-12-14_17-28-53_725

my local beach...not a soul to be seen..perfect.

my local beach…not a soul to be seen..perfect.

2012-12-14_18-02-43_694 2012-12-14_18-10-37_585 2012-12-14_18-12-01_578 2012-12-14_18-12-10_537 2012-12-14_18-12-33_274

11th December…..

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I’m feeling a bit lethargic today as its very stormy, tropical weather but I did manage to do some finishing up work.  I am making a friend a house number so I finished the backing board for that and did four little people for boats, things are strewn all over the workshop, all strategically balanced and placed to dry out without changing position.  Thank god for masking tape.  I have been given a fabulous piece of broken “Baler”shell, which I have taken a photo of for you to see.  I now have the inspiring task of thinking of ways to use it for a sculptural piece I will keep you posted…..2012-12-11_09-12-02_835


2012-12-11_09-12-25_762 2012-12-11_14-43-30_117

new figures forthe little boats

new figures forthe little boats


9th December…..

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Went into the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery today to see the Christmas Shop exhibition.   It was set out really nicely, I had put in six pieces but they only had four out on display.  If something sells they replace with the other pieces.  There was another ceramic artist with unusual slab platters.  Looked like tree bark pattern, really effective.  There was some lovely paintings and drawings and some metal sculpture work  of whimsical things, flowers and animals.  Some beautiful jewellery and I thought everything was reasonably priced.  Lets hope it all sells fast.   Can’t wait to see the Busso xmas shop.2012-11-27_09-52-47_436fusion 12012-12-09_11-09-10_8902012-11-27_09-39-33_4522012-11-27_09-21-35_9732012-11-27_09-43-08_592

8th December……

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