Perth Studio Potters2012-12-01_11-25-50_2492012-12-01_11-02-56_3742012-12-01_10-57-13_5302012-12-01_10-55-10_288The beginning of another month…..Whoa.. slow down please….   I went to the Fremantle Bazaar today and to the fabulous sale at the Studio Potters in Cottesloe.  Had a terrrific time and had a good look around at what was going on at markets, what was for sale and which stalls were attracting customers.  There was some beautiful products.  What was really good was the way some of the stall holders presented their goods for sale, very inspirational and even though cheaply done, very effective.  Well done Freo.

We also went to the Studio Potters in Cottesloe, Burt St, a lovely gallery and workshop for that group.  We got their early, and had the pick of the goods for sale, lucky us as the range was absolutely fantastic.  Very good prices and some beautiful wares with really good glazes.  Such choice.  I walked away with three pieces supposedly for xmas presents (yeah right!!)  I probably wont be able to give them up.