Where have I been the last few days?  The days are whizzing by so fast that I hadnt realised that its been four days since my last post. WOW !!!   But let me assure you I have been busy, just in case you think that I have been lazing around by the pool.  The weather may be nice but the pool water is freezing, it hasnt warmed up enough yet for me.

Today I took the dog to the beach for a fossick and really enjoyed the fresh air, I got a couple of pieces of wood and some old terracotta bricks that get caught in the rock pools and get rounded on the edges, where they originally come from I don’t know but they look like they have been there forever.  They make good mounts for some sculptural ceramics as they are heavy and such a nice colour.  I did do some studio work today as well, made a few new pieces and a set of numbers for a friends new house and some new christmas stars for a shop in Dunsborough that sells fantastic swimwear and resort wear and stocks some of my ceramics.  A couple of years ago I made the owner a Merry Christmas sign using stars and driftwood but some of it has been broken over the years so I am making replacements for her.  The store is called Lagoon and is well worth having a look at as it stocks great stuff but the store itself is just nice to enter as its very beachy and modern.

the strategic balancing of the new seaweed piece

2012-12-08_12-16-23_22 the strategic balancing of the new seaweed piece


new figures forthe little boats

new figures for the little boats


found driftwood

found driftwood