Went into the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery today to see the Christmas Shop exhibition.   It was set out really nicely, I had put in six pieces but they only had four out on display.  If something sells they replace with the other pieces.  There was another ceramic artist with unusual slab platters.  Looked like tree bark pattern, really effective.  There was some lovely paintings and drawings and some metal sculpture work  of whimsical things, flowers and animals.  Some beautiful jewellery and I thought everything was reasonably priced.  Lets hope it all sells fast.   Can’t wait to see the Busso xmas shop.2012-11-27_09-52-47_436fusion 12012-12-09_11-09-10_8902012-11-27_09-39-33_4522012-11-27_09-21-35_9732012-11-27_09-43-08_592