OMG  I cant belive its  been so long since I have updated my blog!!!!    I have been busy though and am doing many different things at once.   I have decided to put the kiln on tomorrow as I think that the pieces have all dried out enough to fire.  Plus I’m in a hurry to get them glazed and finished before Christmas if possible !!!2012-12-14_17-26-03_514   But I did get to tte beach just after the stormy weather and I had it all to myself, people really should get out more….     I picked up lots of little bits and pieces, no wood though, lots of stuff for small pieces.  Busta my dog came with me as he always does and even went swimming.  When I look at these photos it looks like I live somewhere isolated, but this beach is in the middle of town!!!2012-12-14_17-51-22_835 2012-12-14_18-03-02_3582012-12-14_17-28-53_725

my local beach...not a soul to be seen..perfect.

my local beach…not a soul to be seen..perfect.

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