I can’t believe Christmas is next week !!!!!!!!   I wish I could afford to have a secretary in my life so that I could get on with my artwork and leave shopping, clothes washing, cooking and all the other mundane tasks to him/her.  Dream on Baby…….    Anyway I have been extremely busy, opened the kiln this arvo and some of the new glazes were so pretty and I’m really pleased with them and the firing was successful which is always a bonus when you are under the pump.  Now I just have to puyt it altogether and send it all on its way.  Unfortunately, the delivery was supposed to be before Christmas but I just cannot get the work done in time, so delivery will have to be by theend of December instead.  Its a slight hassle but I cannot get things finished any quicker.     On a brighter note three pieces from the BRAG Xmas Shop have sold which is a positive thing, I hope Busselton goes well too.  Fingers crossed……2012-12-19_19-07-06_249 2012-12-19_19-07-29_562 2012-12-19_19-21-53_876 2012-12-19_19-22-25_319