28th January…..

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A painting by Mark Everson at Artgeo Gallery

A painting by Mark Everson at Artgeo Gallery

I cant believe its the end of the month already EEEEEK!!!! I have cleaned out my workshop but havnt done any work yet. I have an upcoming exhibition and havnt even started the piece for it. Luckily only one piece is needed but still…… I lay in bed at night and plan everything out to the last detail, its a sure sign I am running out of time, come on Tracie get working…..


22nd January……

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Today is my Birthday Hip Hip Hooray… So I am not working in my studio today, but going to Mandurah for lunch and a wander along the waterfront. Its going to be very hot today so a relaxed day is in order I think.

20th January……

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20th January......

17th January……

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2013-01-17_07-14-48_796 I have a close friend who had been to Turkey for a holiday and bought back a lovely serving bowl, unfortunately she broke it and gave me the pieces to do with as I wished. That was about 8 months ago and seeing it is her fiftieth Birthday coming up I decided to give it back to her.!!! Not in pieces like that though… I made a mirror for her and attached the broken bits and now all I have to do is grout it and Wallah…

2013-01-17_07-15-00_5382013-01-15_14-11-30_226 When I was coming back from Busso the other day I decided to turn off and take the scenic route through the beautiful natural forest of trees, its a lovely drive and dosnt really take any extra time. Very serene.

16th January…..

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2013-01-05_14-41-35_929My God where has the time gone already, I have had a very busy week and have not been in my studio at all. My daughter had a birthday so we have had lots of friends and relatives visiting over a few days and I have not had a moments peace. I’m looking forward to a few quiet days and then I am right back in there again. I have been given a box of driftwood to go through and I have picked up some art pieces from Busso and brought them home as the exhibition has finished down there. Angela at Lagoon Swim took three pieces and the others I will send to a new outlet in Perth, which I will tell you about later. Out of all the pieces I still love the sculptural seaweed forms the best.

7th January……

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I couldnt help but have a look at beautiful Dunsborough Beach. It was overcast so the water wasnt the normal turquiose blue but I made sure I had a decent walk and breathed the sea air, I’m heading down there again soon for a fossick, can’t wait…2013-01-06_13-58-15_953




2013-01-06_14-33-40_671After I had finished at Artgeo yesterday I travelled on to Dunsborough to the beautiful Angela at her swimwear shop called Lagoon Swim.

Lagoon Swim

Lagoon Swim

Inside Lagoon Swim.. Bliss....

Inside Lagoon Swim.. Bliss….

The shop sign I made that still survives..

The shop sign I made that still survives..

Lagoon Swim… Angela also stocks different art, usually with an association with the beach, and I delivered some of my pieces for her to have in her shop. I went away with more than I took as she gave my a box full of driftwood and some other little treasures. Thanks Ang, see you soon…

Angela in her shop

Angela in her shop

6th January……

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Photos from a day spent at Artgeo of their Christmas Exhibition. The contributing artists offered a diverse range of art and all was beautifully presented. The lovely part was you could take away what you bought on the day !!! Congrats to Artgeo 2013-01-06_10-17-58_121










rainy day view at Artgeo

rainy day view at Artgeo



2013-01-06_12-07-35_585I have had a lovely day, spent the morning doing my stint at the Artgeo complex in Busselton. Its such a nicec building, has a really good vibe and even though the weather was overcast and humid (very tropical) I had a lot of people come through and even sold a beautiful beaten silver necklace made by Emma Thomasin. This has been the Artgeo Christmas Exhibition.

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