2013-01-02_17-59-34_542013-01-02_18-03-36_4842013-01-02_18-07-20_9212013-01-02_18-00-27_4602013-01-02_18-06-24_4442013-01-02_18-04-37_427Well I finally finished a number of pieces for delivery, at LAST. It seems to have taken me forever because of christmas and new year etc… There are two that I’m not completely happy with but its to late to do anything about them. But it has made me think about them and the problems for next time. I am going to sunny Busso on Sunday to work in the lovely Artgeo Gallery and that is always a pleasure. I’m hoping to change over some stock and then make a fresh delivery to Dunsborough in the afternoon. I might even take my bathers if its a sunny day as you couldnt get a better swimming spot.
I will make sure I take some photos for you to see of all the spots I visit, so you can all see I do not exaggerate about how beautiful our South-West really is. I hope you like the new pieces…..