2013-02-10_12-50-09_98I had the pleasure of going to Perth on the weekend for a friends wedding and we stayed in Fremantle, the next morning while everyone slept off the night before I ventured out on a very HOT day to walk to the Fremantle Art Gallery to see what was on. Luckily its not a long walk and they had a lovely exhibition but for me I think its always the building itself that inspires me and makes me feel very humble. If you didnt know it used to be in the early days a mental asylum and even though its peaceful now I think there are alot of ghosts still wandering about. They have a lovely garden with a cafe where you can relax and I really enjoyed myself. Back to work tomorrow though as I am behind with my work, but it is so hot to go into my studio which isnt air conditioned, but I must make the effort…..