28th March…..

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"Bleached Fragments

“Bleached Fragments


IMG_0135Ï went up to Mandurah to see my artwork hanging at the Mandjar Art Awards. It was great to see all the different ideas and I really liked Andy Quiltys pen portrait. Very well done I would love to have one of his works. There was some good paintings and my daughter took a photo of mine hanging (naughty naughty) so its not a good photo but at least its there !!!! Also this week I removed the insert bucket, and now its happily drying I might have to get the hairdryer out as its has been very cold down here in the South-West and it is taking its time to dry out properly. I’ve started three new baskets and im using birdwire again, but this time I’m doing them small, to see what else I can develop, still playing, will keep you posted….P.S. Dont forget to check out Blog Colony….

25th March…..

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IMG_0124Yesterday I finished the insert vessel for the basket. It was a bit tricky as the side were slightly soft,so as you can see I propped them up with bits of conjute etc. My workshop has the most up to date tools !!!!!! Anyway it worked and then I added the shells to the inside, I think it works and today I am going to attempt to remove it from the bucket and add the porcelain shells to the outside. It only has to be added to one section so it shouldnt take long. Once it is dry I can fire it and I will apply a clear glaze and a coloured glaze but only to the base. Keep you posted….

21st March……

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IMG_0108 Yeeaahh!!!! Finally finished the basket. It dosnt look much at the moment but once the porcelain insert goes in it will look fabulous. I also had to give it a trim, like trimming a beard! So now onto the next phase I cant wait. So its been a busy week, can you believe its Thursday again!!! Mud Colony is open and I can catch up on all the clay gossip.

20th March……

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IMG_0088Another sultry day, but a lot cooler,its going to be about 28 degrees which will be lovely but a bit of rain later I think. The basket is coming along smoothly though I’m worried I may not have enough found objects to use for it. Good excuse to go fossicking again I suppose!! I have found a large bucket which is just the right size for the insert, so I am going to use it as a mold lots to do still, this weekend will be kept very busy I suspect.

18th March…..

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the bits& pieces

the bits& pieces

the start of the basket

the start of the basket

Work on the basket for the Vasse Art Awards is progressing. I am half way through covering the basket and will continue on as I find time. I am going to start the porcelain insert today as it will take time to attach all the impressed shells. Wish me luck, will keep you posted….

18th March…..

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IMG_0100 I had to venture out and fossick for bits & pieces for my basket, I found enough to carry on but while I was there I got to thinking about all the different tracks on the beach. Of course there were probably a million more but here are a few that I found, being a ceramicist I immediately thought about clay impressions which I use alot. It was a lovely morning and there were quite a few dolphins about, but no one sol on the beach to see it, except me.

15th March…..

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IMG_0081 Well i have started the armiture for the basket that is going to hold my porcelain vessel. I have made it out of birdwire and have only put the top rim on at this stage. But eventually it will be covered with bits and pieces from the shore,so really it is doing two jobs, cleaning up the beach and making a beautiful art piece. !!! I am preparing this piece for the Vasse Art Awards which is situated near Busselton in the South-West of Western Australia. Anyway, tomorrow I am starting the porcelain vessel that will sit inside the basket, it is quite involved as it requires some tiles (again !!!) and I’m not sure how I want to finish the top of the vessel, so I need to get started soon. The basket wont take long once I start filling it in, anyway I will keep you posted….

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