work in  progress

work in progress


  Well I started the canvas piece for Mandurah, it looks really good but I got half-way through and realised I didnt have enough tiles !!!! So back to the workshop and now I have made another 150 or so. They are now drying (quickly I hope)But unfortunately the work has come to a standstill as I cant go on without the new tiles to finish the outer circle, so then I can go on with the inner circle. GROAN…… I actually am doing this on the kitchen table so no-one can eat at the table for another week.!!! It was too hot in my workshop and there wasnt enough room to lay the canvas down (yeah right) had nothing to do with the air-con or watching telly while I work. Anyway I’m halfway there so maybe another few days. I will keep you posted… Looovvve the colour….