"Bleached Fragments

“Bleached Fragments


IMG_0135Ï went up to Mandurah to see my artwork hanging at the Mandjar Art Awards. It was great to see all the different ideas and I really liked Andy Quiltys pen portrait. Very well done I would love to have one of his works. There was some good paintings and my daughter took a photo of mine hanging (naughty naughty) so its not a good photo but at least its there !!!! Also this week I removed the insert bucket, and now its happily drying I might have to get the hairdryer out as its has been very cold down here in the South-West and it is taking its time to dry out properly. I’ve started three new baskets and im using birdwire again, but this time I’m doing them small, to see what else I can develop, still playing, will keep you posted….P.S. Dont forget to check out Blog Colony….