IMG_0147 I cant believe its April, it goes so fast and I still havnt accomplished half the things I want to do this year. It makes you feel that your not doing enough, but in reality we are all flat out!!! I have my kiln on today, its actually Easter monday andI have stayed home over the Easter break. The weather has been absolutely spectacular and we have spent alot of time on the beach. I feel it could be thelast of the swimming weather so you have to make the most of it. Anyway the kiln is on for the bisque and hopefully all will be well as I am impatient to glaze and fire t get it finished and on its way to Busso. I dont have much time this week as there are a few different pieces to finish off, just bits and pieces that should have been finished before but I have left, as they need to go to their outlets and out of my workshop. Happy April Fools Day to everyone…..