IMG_0158 I have the kiln on today, I glazed the big porcelain bucket and fingers crossed it all turns out alright as delivery is on Saturday, so I wont have time to fix things if anythng goes wrong. (Dont even think it) I did my stint at the Artgeo Gallery on Sunday past and it was the last day for that exhibition. It was a collection from the New Norcia Benedictine Monastery collection. New Norcia is an old 18th century town on the outskirts of the wheatbelt in Western Australia. It was originally just a monastery for the St.Benedictine monks at the time but since a small town develped as well. There are still a small number of monks still there but more of a tourist stop now I think. The buildings are very beautiful and old as we dont have alot of old buildings in W.A. The art was done by different painters and times and all had a religious theme. One good thing about working at the gallery I get to see a different exbo every month Yeah!!!! This is a photo of the Bunbury lighthouse at sunset.