29th May….


2013-01-20_18-34-13_814 Things have been very quiet in my studio, for one thing I cant get past the door as I started cleaning it out and after some time realised that I had just shifted stuff from one side to the other. It is going to be a considerable job now and because Ive started I have to finish it. just about need a skip bin. !!!!! Im still waiting for my element to be replaced, it seems to be taking forever to actually get one, Im starting to stress as I have orders to fill and no way to fire anything. Im trying to keep positive, one thing at a time. CLEAN STUDIO first. Spending lots of time walking the beach. Bliss…..

26th May…….

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IMG_0366IMG_0365IMG_0351IMG_0363IMG_0359IMG_0345IMG_0348IMG_0347IMG_0343IMG_0340IMG_0341I spent Saturday in the Ferguson Valley which is about 20 minutes fom where live, heading East, into beautiful green cool country, mainly dairy but now incorporating the tourist industry. Lots of art trails, galleries, boutique breweries and gourmet food. (right up my alley!!!) The reason why I went there was for a basketmaking workhop at the glorious Lyndendale Gallery, owned by printmaker Denise Gillies, a fab Printmaker. The workshop was run by Sue Dennis an extraordinairy artist who I think could put her hand to anything she touches and make it into a beautiful art piece. Sue is predominately a printmaker, and Denise and Sue are part of a bigger group of printmakers here in the South-West. The workshop was educational, enlightening and a whole lot of laughs. I think there were eight of us in the group from all different places, and the setting for learning was spot on. I must admit I was not very good at basketmaking but the whole process became worthwhile becauseof the company. I recommend workshops for artists like myself who work alone and sometimes need to be among other like minded people to retain there sanity (o insanity) depending on the person. A great weekend.
P.S. It did help me to overcome the problem of my baskets for my porcelain inserts, so alls well that ends well.

22nd May…..

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IMG_0323 It feels like ages since I have blogged, so here is an update. I have sent my element from my kiln off to The Potters Market, to the wonderful Julie who hopefully can help me source what I need. Its a waiting game though and in the meantime I am working on some new pieces for a show in August and my outlet in Dunsborough. I have had visitors as well so life here is very slow, I am going to a workshop on Saturday in th beautiful Ferguson Valley at Lyndendale Gallery. This is artist Denise Gillies home as well as her gallery and I have visited before, but this time I am doing a basketweaving class with Sue Dennis. I have been making baskets for my porcelain pieces to sit in, but mine have a birdwire armiture and I would like to know how to use grass or sticks as the base. I weave and sew found objects off the beach into my baskets, so im realy looking forward to Saturday as hopefully it will give me some extra inspiration to take my ceramics into another direction.

14th May….

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IMG_0322I spent yesterday at the beach as my kiln isnt working and so I still have to collect things. Its getting quite cold here in the south-west but still nice during the day. There had been a storm a few days before so quite alot washed up. My dog was very disappointed as I kept stopping to browse instead of walking with him. But I did get a few new treasures, and have come up with a few new ideas for some resin pieces. I have taken the element out of my kiln and now need to get it replaced,whic sounds easy but they are not available in my home town so I have to send to Perth which is the closest capital city. Its such a waiting game when all I want to do is get on with it.

13th May…..

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IMG_0169Well I have had a bad week as far as ceramics go. I got to the glazing stage of my piece for Wanneroo as my kiln has broken down. Im devastated as now my piece cant be submitted. I need to get it fixed before I can proceed. So much work to have fired. I will keep you posted.

8th May….

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IMG_0294 I spent Sunday in beautiful Busselton at the Artgeo Gallery where they had a exhibition by the watercolour artist Bill Yeates, who is a local artist, lovely work. Then I ventured accross the street to The Courthouse Gallery where my own pieces are on display, they looked lovely and hopefully will sell well. If you notice in the pictures the original courthouse structure with the jury box and judges box. Its quite a dramatic setting for my art!!!!
Today I am waiting to open the kiln amid cyclonic conditions here in Western Australia, the dogs are terrified and I dont think I can even drive the car today, good day to stay inside and work on my new piece, if the firing goes well, fingers crossed once again…

4th May…..

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IMG_0215 I know, I know, I should be embarrassed to put this photo up on my blog, but I need to be motivated to clean my studio and this might do it. !!!! Today I have my kiln on, but I am a bit worried as the pieces inside are not sitting as well as I would like. There is one piece that is an odd shape and angle and I’m worried about how it sits to be fired without breaking. Please Please fire ok for me. Tomorrow I am in Busselton at the Artgeo Gallery so that will be a nice break and the weather is sunny and mild so it sould be a promising day.

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