IMG_0323 It feels like ages since I have blogged, so here is an update. I have sent my element from my kiln off to The Potters Market, to the wonderful Julie who hopefully can help me source what I need. Its a waiting game though and in the meantime I am working on some new pieces for a show in August and my outlet in Dunsborough. I have had visitors as well so life here is very slow, I am going to a workshop on Saturday in th beautiful Ferguson Valley at Lyndendale Gallery. This is artist Denise Gillies home as well as her gallery and I have visited before, but this time I am doing a basketweaving class with Sue Dennis. I have been making baskets for my porcelain pieces to sit in, but mine have a birdwire armiture and I would like to know how to use grass or sticks as the base. I weave and sew found objects off the beach into my baskets, so im realy looking forward to Saturday as hopefully it will give me some extra inspiration to take my ceramics into another direction.