IMG_0366IMG_0365IMG_0351IMG_0363IMG_0359IMG_0345IMG_0348IMG_0347IMG_0343IMG_0340IMG_0341I spent Saturday in the Ferguson Valley which is about 20 minutes fom where live, heading East, into beautiful green cool country, mainly dairy but now incorporating the tourist industry. Lots of art trails, galleries, boutique breweries and gourmet food. (right up my alley!!!) The reason why I went there was for a basketmaking workhop at the glorious Lyndendale Gallery, owned by printmaker Denise Gillies, a fab Printmaker. The workshop was run by Sue Dennis an extraordinairy artist who I think could put her hand to anything she touches and make it into a beautiful art piece. Sue is predominately a printmaker, and Denise and Sue are part of a bigger group of printmakers here in the South-West. The workshop was educational, enlightening and a whole lot of laughs. I think there were eight of us in the group from all different places, and the setting for learning was spot on. I must admit I was not very good at basketmaking but the whole process became worthwhile becauseof the company. I recommend workshops for artists like myself who work alone and sometimes need to be among other like minded people to retain there sanity (o insanity) depending on the person. A great weekend.
P.S. It did help me to overcome the problem of my baskets for my porcelain inserts, so alls well that ends well.