29th July…..

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28th July…..

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IMG_0472 I spent a little time in the workshop today, I kept looking out the window as the day had a short spell of sunshine and I felt I should be out walking or fossicking down the beach. So in the end I promised the dog 2 hours and then I would take him out. It actually wasnt that long before I escaped. As you can see I did the people for one boat. It took me longer to find the wood for the seats than to make the occupants. But I like them and when they are fired and glazed will look very good I think. I intend to use resin and shells for the bottom of the boat as there is quite a lot of area there which would look great covered. Afterward I of course took the dog to the beach, but by the time we got there the weather had changed for the worse, but being a true beachcomber I still managed to find a few treasures…

27th July…..

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IMG_0270 (2)One of my favorite pieces, I love the way it is all balanced out, the five different elements coexisting together.

25th July…..

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199Hi everyone not much time this morning, my new elements have FINALLY arrived from america (Yeah !!!!) I have been busy in my workshop trying to get everything up to date, so that is going ok. Also I have decided on a new look for my blog! Just for a change and then I discover that MUD COLONY is doing that as well. It must be a sign.

22nd July…..

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IMG_0460Got a little bit of work done today, the spoons are at drying stage, they look so funny, all strange angles and with the wood handles. I hope they are strong enough if they are not I will give them a test run when there finished to see how they work. I also started two new boats or vessels (back to what I know) but the thing is alot of my pieces are selling now and the mos popular are the boats. People seem to be looking for something different but that also has a natural bent to it. I love upcycling !!!!!! I love using things that are washed up on the beach and what fun collecting it all.

21st July……

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IMG_0458I have decided to have a change for a while, they say change is as good as a holiday, well I cant have the holiday so instead I am making changes. I chose this theme for my blog as it had the right colours and I like the little worm on the fishing line that appears when you scroll down. I hope you like it too.
Its very cold today but I did venture out to the workshop for an hour or so, and I finished the little boat people vessels and made some new spoons as well. I finished that container of clay so then I chickened out and went back inside where its warm. I know i’m a girl !!!! Dont you love the way all the fish move on my blog? Its like looking at an aquarium.

20th July……

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IMG_0457 At last, I have spent the day in the studio and am quite happy with the result. Strangely enough I’m still doing functional ware and am going to attempt some cutlery !!!! But dont worry it wont last as these pieces are for a show in August that I am participating in and then I will probably go back to my beloved sculptural forms. Heres a glimpse of how there progressing.

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