29th August…..

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IMG_0608Finally finished my piece for an exhibition, delivery this week !!! I was happy with the colour and the way it sits in the wire. I love the way the wire and porcelain seem to go together. My intention is to convey to people that we are becoming blase about certain things that we find either on the beach or beneath the waves, ho long will it be before we accept the intergration of rubbish and reef? (Heaven forbid) We already accept metal as reef and we seem to accept alot of the flotsam and jetsom on the beach. Worth thinking about…. Dont forget to see what everyone else is thinking about at Mud Colony….

28th August…..

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IMG_0567 Scenes from my mini break to Dongara, Western Australia….

27th August…..

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IMG_0611I have been busy in the workshop getting an important piece finished for Busselton, I’m off there tomorrow, its not far away, about 30 miles and hopefully the weather will improve as its been cold and miserable today. I am halfway through finishing a little “jacket” for my ceramic reef cave. I will finish it by strapping it to the piece like a corset underneath, so it fits tight but can be undone as well. I like these pieces as they represent to me, how, through time we may become completely complacent about how we look at nature living side by side with rubbish (heaven forbid!!!) We are so used to seeing things on the beach already that we dont think of it as rubbish at all.

26th August…..

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Ria Bignell painting

Ria Bignell painting

I spent the weekend involved with the annual fundraiser Art Extraordinaire. It is a huge endeavour with lots of volunteers involved to make it the smashing success it always is. I had five pieces in the show and was lucky enough to sell three of those, I class that as a successful weekend. Everyone wins, the school, myself and the public. I also bought a small painting which I love of a beach scene (of course) by artist Ria Bignell. Now that the weekend is over I am busy getting ready for Signature SouthWest in Busselton. Lots to do as usual so I had better get on with it. Keep you posted….

22nd August…..

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IMG_0584Finally finished two of the pieces due for a show this weekend. I had trouble with the bisque firing and ran out of time before I went away, so now I have to finish them this week. I love the colours and the driftwood that is incorporated into the final design. Lots to do, lot to do, but I still have time to check out the Mud Colony crew.

20th August…..

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IMG_0572IMG_0569IMG_0529IMG_0520IMG_0526IMG_0512 I had a mini getaway on the weekend and travelled up to Dongara in the mid-west. Its a beautiful spot and in high summer must be amazing. The weather held even though it wasnt hot and I managed to enjoy a few days of fossicking and relaxation. Its a place I will definately go back to and its charm and peacefulness is very appealing to me. I might add it looks like it needs a really good gallery as there isnt one there!!! I will start dreaming now…. o.k. o.k. Getback in the workshop, as there is plenty of work to catch up on now.

13th August…..

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IMG_0501Some extra work done this week. Only trouble is it has been wet and cold so the clay is taking forever to dry. I might have to drag it all inside to the warmth. I need to get this fired quickly so I can glaze!!!!

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