25th September…..

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IMG_0703I love unusual buildings and places, hence I take lots of photos of random things. These photos were taken in Fremantle recently while I was walking into the shops, always lots to look at.

21st September…..


IMG_0291I didnt realise so many days had passed since I had been on my blog. OMG. I have been very busy and am steadily (is that a word?) getting things done. I have submitted my application form for Sou-West Survey. I wont hear back till October to know if I have been successful, its a fairly big local exhibition at the Art Gallery. But you have to submit an application and be accepted. I am offering to do a new piece that I have in mind, along the lines of a porcelain form with found objects sewn into it. I enjoy doing these pieces and I think they are unique and offer a completely different perspective on what happens to our beach washups. I like that I am upcycling and making something beautiful as well. Also I have been working on pieces for christmas as well which I hope to get finished soon. I also have some new ideas for serving dishes which I want to get started on asap. Will keep you posted…

12th September….

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art baskets-001Its been very busy time lately and I havnt had a chance to get into my studio at all !!!! I have had a delivery of some new glazes which Im dying to try out and hopefully will by Saturday. The weather down here is lousey, so a goodtime to get workshop stuff done. The Signature South-West opens tomorrow night in Busselton, so if you are in the area dont forget to call in and support the local art scene, plus you will get a glass of delicious local wine !!! You dont need a better incentive.  Last year I was awarded “Highly Commended” for the three porcelain vessels with added found objects, so fingers crossed for this year…..

5th September…..

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IMG_0603Dont you love a good shipwreck !!!!!

3rd September…..

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2nd September…….

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IMG_0646Ive had a busy day in my workshop, working on various follow up jobs, those horrible jobs that need to be attended to, an added piece or some sort of finishing off that didnt get done and has sat there for some time. Thats me, leave them all to do in one day. Yuk!!! But of course there were bonuses (is that a word !!) because now I can start all the new things in my head without feeling guilty about the unfinished jobs.

1st September…..

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IMG_0557Isnt this the most magical photo, the colours are extraordinairy,I must have just caught it at the right time. Beautiful….

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