28th November….

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IMG_0999IMG_0997IMG_0996IMG_0995IMG_0993IMG_0992 At last the pieces for the Regional Art Gallery are packed and ready to deliver, now onto the next lot. But I am just going to pop over to the Mud Colony for the second last time. Boo Hoo….

26th November….

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IMG_0984I have been in my studio every day this week, whether it was for an hour or a few hours, I am slowly getting through the work but there are still some major pieces I have to finish. I am trying to get the kiln fired up this week for a bisque hopefully tomorrow night if things go according to plan. Then I have a delivery of six pieces on Friday to the regional art gallery and then the final run towards Christmas, then January deliveries. Aaaarrggghhh!!!! Thats will be a big sigh of relief and satisfaction, check on me in February!!! p.s. The top photo (in case your wondering) is going to be a sculptural piece using the fencing wire and the newspaper is the templates for porcelain leaves, which I will strap on. I’m really looking forward to doing this piece and am starting this week on its first “leaf”. Will keep you posted….

20th November….

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17th November…..

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IMG_0959I have been working very hard to get up to date with all of my commitments, and I think I am only a little behind. (that dosnt sound right) ANYWAY, I am so full of ideas but putting them into actual practise…. well sometime whats in my head dosnt transfer to making a sculptural artpiece when I come down to building it. But I keep on trying, and here is a preview of whats going on in my studio.

13th November…..

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IMG_0945Six weeks till Christmas eeeek!!!!!! So much to do so little time. I know I work better under pressure but this is ridiculous, but I am chipping away at the work I have to finish. Pieces for the Bunbury Art Gallery are finished. (Thank God) Just some tweaking to do. Then I have to finish work for Busselton which is in progress at the moment, still alot to do but if I stay calm I think I will be ok. Mind you no-one will get anything for Christmas this year as I wont have time, maybe not even lunch !!!!!! Fingers crossed and keep you posted….

5th November…

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The things that lurk in your workshop!!!

The things that lurk in your workshop!!!

I finally got it together and fired up the kiln on the weekend, had a mix of glaze and bisque. All went well and had a lovely soft green glaze which turned out exceptionally well, I am desperate for some new kiln supports though and must dig some up on the internet, mine are so old and broken it takes forever to load the kiln and you have to jiggle everything about to get it sitting right. So annoying. Anyway I am tentatively happy about my progress so far, but I know I have to make things move along quicker if Im to have all ready for my big solo in January. (knees knocking!!)
The lovely mirror is a present for my niece, as it is her Birthday shortly, and she always helps me by collecting shells and wood for me when she is on holiday somewhere so this is a way also to show her personally how much she is appreciated.

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