IMG_0984I have been in my studio every day this week, whether it was for an hour or a few hours, I am slowly getting through the work but there are still some major pieces I have to finish. I am trying to get the kiln fired up this week for a bisque hopefully tomorrow night if things go according to plan. Then I have a delivery of six pieces on Friday to the regional art gallery and then the final run towards Christmas, then January deliveries. Aaaarrggghhh!!!! Thats will be a big sigh of relief and satisfaction, check on me in February!!! p.s. The top photo (in case your wondering) is going to be a sculptural piece using the fencing wire and the newspaper is the templates for porcelain leaves, which I will strap on. I’m really looking forward to doing this piece and am starting this week on its first “leaf”. Will keep you posted….