22nd December….

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Breakfast in the workshop

Breakfast in the workshop

IMG_1154Finally have a few minutes to actually sit down and post some photos. I have been very busy getting ready for the exhbition in January. Its rushing up to me way too fast. But I think Im organised, still got a way to go with glazing but as long as the kiln fires ok then everything will be sweet. (famous last words heh!!) Id like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry christmas and catch up in the new year ok?

18th December….

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IMG_1039Hi everyone, I thought I had better make a small attempt to post a blog, it has been so long and I have had a hell of alot on lately. I have some new work that Im just in the process of doing this week, I know I wont get it finished before Christmas (Fat Chance) plus I have to actually socialise and catch up with family. All those normal things, when really I would probably be quite happy in my workshop!!!! Bah Humbug!!! This year for Christmas we are going to spend in Perth which is a two hour drive from here but a lovely city and I am looking forward to a bit of a feet up and a relax. Its only for two days but I think Im going to enjoy it. We are staying at the Casino, I dont gamble but it is a really good venue they have lots of different things there but you dont have to leave the resort. Suits me fine.

5th December….

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4th December…

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IMG_1038Its December again !!! Wasnt it just December a couple of months ago! Thats how it feels to me anyway I HAVE put the tree up and it looks great with all the decorations and I have been busy in th studio. I am now concentrating on January only and pulling out all the stops to get all my pieces finished. I hope that I can get time to post some messages.

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