IMG_1039Hi everyone, I thought I had better make a small attempt to post a blog, it has been so long and I have had a hell of alot on lately. I have some new work that Im just in the process of doing this week, I know I wont get it finished before Christmas (Fat Chance) plus I have to actually socialise and catch up with family. All those normal things, when really I would probably be quite happy in my workshop!!!! Bah Humbug!!! This year for Christmas we are going to spend in Perth which is a two hour drive from here but a lovely city and I am looking forward to a bit of a feet up and a relax. Its only for two days but I think Im going to enjoy it. We are staying at the Casino, I dont gamble but it is a really good venue they have lots of different things there but you dont have to leave the resort. Suits me fine.