IMG_1390At last the exhibition opened on Saturday 11th, my husband and I spent Friday setting it up though it didnt take too long. I was really pleased with the results and had some good imput from the girls at Artgeo complex. The room has a good atmosphere even though it was a jail, very high ceilings and thick walls and lovely wooden floors. I was happy with the look of it as the colours all flowed and was cohesive. Very Summertime. I even sold four pieces already on the first day, which was great but may upset the look as I allowed the art to be taken home straight away as its a holiday town and most people are heading home and probably wouldnt buy if they had to wait to pick up. So now it runs till the Australia Day long weekend, I wish I had done a little extra with some pieces so I could fill up before the long weekend, but you live and learn dont you?