IMG_1482I went to Busselton today to check how my exhibition is going and to say Hello to the girls at Artgeo. Things looked really good and there have been some sales so that is great, I’m very happy with the exposure and peoples comments as well. Thankyou to all who took the time to visit my exhibition. While there I visited Celia Clare who has taken up studio residence in a lovely old room at the old stables behind the Courthouse Gallery. There are three residencies there at the moment and worth a visit if you are in the street. Its so nice to have people come to talk to you and look at your work. Good Luck to Celia. I also had the privilage to visit the “Old Butter Facory” which is home to the Busselton Pottery Group. What a fantastic venue they have to meet and work together and inspire each other in their ceramic endeavours. They currently have a fab exhibition on of all the members work and the variety on offer was fantastic. I am a small ceramic bowl collector, which I have from all over the world, and I added to my collection today in the form of two sweet little bowls from this exbo, the glaze colours are lovely and I could have gone mad (love ceramics) They have very good facilities at the pottery for firing and glazing and it has plenty of room for there own exhibitions. Well done to everyone there at Busselton Pottery Group.