IMG_1568Its been ages since I wrote a post, I dont know whats wrong with me lately I seem to have lost my mojo somewhere… We had the opening last night of the South West Survey, one of the premier events in the South-West with alot of different artistic mediums coming together to show some of the talent in the district. I liked alot that was on display and my favourite was a set of ceramic galloping horses that were very big and very well done. Congrats to the artist who did this as they were my favourite as well as a “cubby”made of sticks (lifesize) with crochet panels in the walls and roof. I loved it very diverse and I wanted one for myself to play in. But I did think that the amount of 3d work was limited. Maybe not alot of 3d artists entered but it would have been nice to see a bit more sculptural work, come on south-west artists, where are you…I know your out there…