097"Relaxed"Nomads Sometimes it does you good to go over your old portfolios and to see where you were heading and what you did or didnt do wrong. Sometimes I have found that I had more ideas and direction when I was still developing my concepts. I still secretly admire the early days of my sellable (is that a word?) pieces and thank god I kept photos of everything otherwise I wouldnt be able to look back and think Wow!! I had good ideas then. I think also that my art has followed a decent path where I wanted to progress to, but I also think that I was more adventuress in the early days and didnt worry so much about what people would like and wouldnt like because as we all know you cant please everybody. Its good to go over old work as sometimes it can inspire you again!! As in “Oh I’d forgotten about that!” and maybe its worth relooking at as times change and so do whats pleasing to customers. My art goes back so far I have old photos in plastic folders in yearly order!!! Which can be quite fun to sit down and go through, as the rest is on the computer and isnt as much fun to find. As you can see by the photos above I used quite alot ofterracotta back then, I dont know why I stopped using it, as now I use only porcelain, but I know I like terracotta so I might have to try that look again!! Whatever the way you have your art kept it is always good to rethink it and see where you are heading….