IMG_1910There is a reason I have not been blogging lately, and that is because I have broken my wrist!!! I am actually typing with one hand. So unfortunately I cannot even go into my workshop to pass the time. Things have come to a complete standstill. I am now disabled for some time and I havnt any plaster on as they inserted a plate into my wrist. “ouch” I am exercising it and slowly getting some use back but it is very swollen and uncomfortable. But I have had some lovely photos that I wanted to share so I have uploaded them to my blog letting people know I am not in a lunatic asylum yet!!!!



On a brighter note, my brother, sister in law and gorgeous nieces recently had their annual holiday in Exmouth which is situated in the North of Western Australia.  I was lucky enough to be brought home containers of washed up treasure from their rambles.  Lucky Lucky me !!!!   It was like Christmas time on my patio and here is a very small showing of what I have received.  I cant wait for my arm to be more mobile so I can start creating using these beautiful pieces with my porcelain.