30th June….

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Once again its the end of the month and time is running short for the two exhibitions in August.  But I have been busy busy busy.  I’m about half way through both lots of work.  I still have the little boat people to make and some extra sails for the masts and a couple of sailors.  But the biggest problem is everything needs to be glazed which I hate but I need a good two days to get this done and then another week for assembly.

The photo above is showing only two sailing vessels with their masts but no sails.  I have just poured the resin and shells into the boats and now are leaving them to dry, which in this weather takes at least 48 hours, its been very cold as we have had little rain but lots of low temperatures.    As you can see my friend “masking tape”  is holding everything together until it drys, what would I do without her!!!!

24th June….


IMG_2362 IMG_2361 IMG_2363



I have the kiln nearly loaded, just waiting for the last pieces to dry properly.  The weather has been so cold that its taking ages to dry pieces out.  I could put them next to the fire but I’m worried the dogs will knock them over in there rush to get prime position in front of the fire!!!   I will have to take a photo of the devils to show you that no-one else even gets close to the heat.  The photo with the rolling pin is a shipwreck waiting to happen!!  The wshed up coral is absolutely beautiful and completely natural the way you see it.  I’m thinking the boat can be caught in the middle of the two coral pieces and it would look exactly like a shipwreck.  The pattern on the outside of the vessel is slightly nordic, which in this photo you cant see, but I have some great litle pieces to add to it, just needs to be fired.

24th June….

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IMG_2344Yes Please!!!!!

17th June….

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IMG_2282 IMG_2284

A fish dish in the making.    I said I was going to show my markmaking tools.   This is a selection of the natural bits of coral & shells etc that I use for making great patterns on the clay.  I also use lace and other fabrics, and plastic inserts from food containers etc  which usually make great patterns.  After awhile you tend to look at things differently.  For instance, my husbands slip on scuffs have a fantastic pattern on the soles which I think would make a great pattern so im going to give them a try as well.    Experimenting with kitchen items also produce great results, plus you clean out your drawers!!  Buttons and sewing bits & pieces also tend to have great patterns.

16th June….

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Another day of successful molds in the workshop.  I like the pattern I have used for this platter and the smaller vessel I will transform into a sailing boat.  Now to get back in there to do some native nomads!!!  I dreamt of porcelain figures last night!!!!  So, time to make the picture in my head into reality.  This is always a difficult process I find as what is in your head sometimes cannot be transformed into reality but it is always worth a try and I quite like the process of trying to figure out the best method of production.

15th June….

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Sometimes the pieces that you find that dont look like much have the most appeal. Like these two pieces of old coral, the patterns are beautiful but unless you look closely you wouldnt notice them amongst the shells on the beach. Im going to see what sort of marks they will leave on the clay as I often keep pieces like this just for mark making. I will have to take a photo of all markmaking items that I have, I have filled a lunchbox of treasures that make the most beautiful marks, some are natural shells and coral or old pieces of plastic or metal anything is used and after awhile you can just look at something and know that it will work.

13th June…..

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IMG_2225 IMG_2226IMG_2224IMG_2223IMG_2222

Artgeo Gallery in Busselton is hosting a fabulous exhibition at the moment by Perth artist Thomas Hoareau.   His paintings are substantial in size as well as message and I was thoroughly bowled over by his skill and the content of his work.  My particular favourite was of all the people on the raft which is a type of copy of an old painting but Mr. Hoareau has set it in modern suburbia with an easel as the mast and washing machines from a laundramat in the background.  I loved it and because it is so big really slaps you in the face.  If you get the chance, I recommend a visit to Busselton for a look.

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