22nd July….

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Spent all day yesterday in my workshop trying to catchup with everything. It’s all going according to plan (I think) I’m still a little behind so some late hours are called for!!!!!!


It’s been quite cold down here in the South-West so this morning we had a little bit of sun so I put two pieces out to dry. Wellllll. !!!! The dog ate the feathers off the top of the sculpture!!!! Did he get a talking to… So I had to take it back inside and reconstruct the piece and it actually looks ok so I’m not to fazed about that and then he found the only sunny spot and took advantage of the little bit of sun. What a dogs life it is heh!!!
I’m embarrassed to show you the photo of my workshop but I have to because it might make me CLEAN IT UP!!!

17th July….

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Finally did a glaze firing last Sunday, it seems to be taking me forever to do anything at the moment, its cold and I dont want to go outside, BUT…..   the firing was successful (thank god!!!)  so I got all my pieces glazed and fired and ready to assemble.  Im finishing this all off on Saturday and then I have a bisque firing to do that day as well.  So busy, busy….


7th July….

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3rd July…..

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The weather at the moment is very very cold, if you havnt got the fire going you wouldnt be able to bend your fingers!!!  I know I know it s not like we have snow and below zero temperatures but for us South-Westers its COLD.  My workshop is to cold to go into early so I have to wait till midmorning and then my hands are to cold to work the clay.  But I’m taking this opportunity to get other jobs done.

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