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I always look out for unusual marks or patterns that we can find in nature and these two are a perfect example of the beauty to be found if you just have a look around.  This a form of lichen on some beach rocks but what interests me is not what it is but rather the great shapes that nature has made.  I think people must think i’m a bit strange so I don’t go around discussing these little hobbies that I have!!   Rocks, sticks, bone, shells, wire  anything can become a fascinating adventure in my strange mind.  A lot of the things that I do find of course become incorporated within my art as you can see by the ceramic pieces that I make.  Sometimes that is the best part about being a fossicker, is finding the next thing you are going to use in a piece and knowing as soon as you see it what it will be used for!!!   So next time you throw away that tin of rusty bits & pieces when you are having a clean out, think of me!!!!  I would have loved that!!!