20th December…..

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Just a reminder people about the fabulous Christmas shop at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries. I visited just recently and they have some great presents for anyone that likes something completely unique and beautifully crafted, and don’t forget you will be helping to support a local artist, and we need all the help we can get!!!!!!!

19th December…..

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They are slowly coming together, this little bitty boat has found a home already and has set sail for foreign shores…..

17th December…..

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Another ship in the harbour! This little vessel is on choppy seas and isn’t quite finished yet but nearly there…..

15th December…

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Ship Ahoy!!! One of the bigger ships finally finished and ready to set sail.
Bit by bit I’m finally finishing all the little bitty boats and the bigger ships as well. Nearly there, I haven’t had much time unfortunately so it’s bit by bit to get things done. It’s very frustrating when I have quite a few new ideas but need the time to make a start on new things. It’s a slow process being a ceramicist!!!!!


11th December…..

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Well the little bitty boats are all in the harbour but they can’t set sail yet as I haven’t done there sails!!! All good though I will finish them this afternoon and then there done. The big ships are nearly finished and looking fab. I haven’t given you a preview so that I can get some really good photos of them. Soon.


10th December….

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A funny thing happened when we got to the “refuse and waste facility” it was closed!!!! I was so looking forward to a good junk scavenge. Oh well we stopped for a nice lunch instead and wandered around the shops.
As we got home earlier than planned I went onto practically finish the little bitty boats! It may have been a good thing, anyway all I have to do now with them is the sails which I’m still thinking about, I think maybe coloured bunting made of pretty fabric or paper or even old lace doilies. What do you think?


9th December….

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Yesterday, while I was waiting for the kiln I went and had a look at an installation at the Regional Art Gallery it was really interesting and done by a West Australian artist called Olga Cironis ( hope the spelling is right) it was done using what seemed like hundreds of teacups filled with oil & water and had heaps of tiny speakers hanging above them making quite deep rumbles of sound. I was there for about 20 minutes and found it very relaxing, though I’m sure this had something to do with the room as well as it was very light with high ceilings. I would love to do an installation on this scale somewhere, how interesting it would be to come up with a concept.
This morning I unloaded the kiln and all was well. (Thank goodness!!!) I have started on the relaxing task of putting everything together, which sometimes can be the best part if you have enough ideas. I like to use lots of found objects in my pieces and am always on the lookout for rusty bits and things that should be thrown out but are saved for “something”. I’m the sort of person who instead of sitting down on the verandah for a chat will go and explore the back shed !!!!! Oh but the treasures to be found !!
Today my daughter and I are off to a small but beautiful town about 20 minutes drive inland. The town of Donnybrook is famous for its apples and pears etc. and lays in green rolling hills. It’s a very picturesque town and we are on the fun quest of junk collecting. They have a fabulous rubbish tip out there and you can get out and explore, which is unusual these days at a tip, so off we go, don’t worry I know you are dying to see all of this so I will take some photos of our little road trip !!



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