29th January……

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Here we go again!! Another month practically over and I’m already behind the eight ball…. Luckily I didn’t make any New Years resolutions as I would have blown them already!!! But I have got a little bit of work completed and ready for gallery delivery, here’s a sample…




14th January….

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I went to an interesting exhibition at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery recently and checked out Glen Skien’s work. I really liked what he uses for his artwork, mostly the metal wall prints and as you can see from the photos his envelopes were great as well, some from metal some from paper very interesting concept and worth a look, this is only a sample of his work and I was impressed with this exhibition, so if your in the area call in and check it out PLUS I have some pieces in the glass gallery near reception which you might like to take a look at!!!!

6th January…..

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Much cooler today so I was able to get into the workshop and get some work done. Unfortunately I can a hardly move in there so it looks like a good throw out is needed whether I want to or not. I started some jewellery making as well so that is taking up the whole work bench so I’m using the wedging table to finish the boats and now that’s covered as well and my drying shelf has all the unfinished boats so there’s no room for any green pieces. Oh woe is me!!!!!! I hate using my limited time for a spring clean but I can’t function with the mess and as they say a cluttered room means a cluttered brain or something like that, and I want an uncluttered brain so I can generate fresh ideas. Jobs on…….

5th January…..

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So hot here in The South-West, it’s so hot today that I can’t go into the workshop as I have a metal roof and it’s like being in a slow cooker. So work today has come to a standstill. Still I wouldn’t be able to roll any clay with this heat!!!

4th January…..

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3rd January….

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First day back in the workshop!! I must admit my studio is a absolute pigsty but I can’t work up the energy (or time) to give it a good clean. It’s a full day’s work so it will have to wait. So doing any wedging or rolling is out of the question but I have been able to get a few bits & pieces finished and I’m waiting for a few mounts to dry after painting. Here’s a taste…..

2nd January….

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Happy New Year to everyone, once again we are heading into a new year and the idea of starting a fresh year with fresh ideas and all the enthusiasm that makes you want to get out there and get started. I have lots of ideas and can’t wait for them to take shape. This year I hope I can fulfil some of my dreams that I secretly nurture. I’m hoping to condense my actual work time so I have more time in my studio. ( I have a normal job as well). I’m finding I have not enough workshop time and my work in 2014 suffered for it. So my resolution is to spring clean my workshop so I have more room to move, reorganise my time so I have better work time, and introduce all the ideas swimming around in my head and make them come to fruition!!!!

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