27th September….

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I know I constantly say it but where does the time go!! I can never find enough time to do my beloved blog and I know I’m whingeing but I can barely find the time to photograph my art.    But I do have good news.  The FABULOUS Margaret River Gallery is now representing me!!!! Yes, little old me!!!  I am so proud to have my beautiful sculptures there and one piece sold the first day that I delivered.  I was a bit overawed as I’m in very prestigious company with many famous artists showing there.  I hope that my art will speak  for itself as being born & bred in Western Australia with all found pieces from the W.A. coastline, so each piece is a unique memento of Western Australia.  So please remember to go and visit this beautiful gallery when you are in Margaret River and say Hello! to gallery owner Sally who will show you around her tranquil and inspiring space.


1st September….

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I know its been an age since I actually wrote a page but I can assure you that I have not been idle in all this time. I have done two shows in August, the fantastic Army Art exhibition in Fremantle and the Art Extraordinaire in Bunbury, both in Western Australia.


I was pleased with both shows and my beautiful pieces sold very well.  Yay!!!  Altogether I had made 24 new pieces (exhausting!) but was satisfied when at the end I only had 7 left.   Now I’ve started all new pieces some to go to a gallery in the South-West and some to a gallery in Fremantle.  My time is limited, so the process can be slow but I will get there in the end.   Ive uploaded the new pieces to the photo gallery for those that wish to see the whole shibang!!!


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