At this time of the year I’m trying to do about seven things at once and right at this moment have decided to make some beautiful greeting cards, at first they were going to be christmas cards but I have wandered off that track and am now doing cards that are “Greetings from the South-West”  I have collected over the years quite a lot of beach glass, of course, no where nearly as beautiful as they find in Scotland and England or even Russia but still lovely and tumbled into strange shapes.  So this is how the card idea started, but then I have veered off abit and am using broken shell as well because they are beautiful as well.  I think that in the not to distant future there will be no beach glass washed up anymore, so maybe I will become a hoarder so my grandchildren can see what I’m talking about.

I’m also doing a selection of small boats which I have just added the resin to today, so they are drying ad I have an appointment with my kiln very soon as I need some sails for my little boats.

All very busy in the workshop, will TRY and keep you posted….