Hi everyone!  I’m holidaying in beautiful Bali at the moment and am enjoying every moment.  I’m staying at a lovely resort in Tuban and its right on Segara Beach.   The gardens are superb which is one of the reasons I picked this resort as it has extensive grounds all lovingly looked after and I discovered a famous coconut tree!!!  It has three branches and is very old, it’s in the grounds of the resort and has had a temple built around it. Apparently coconut trees don’t grow branches!!  

While I have been lolling around on my pool lounge doing absolutely nothing I have had the pleasure of watching the surfers coming and going on the beach.  Segara Beach has a reef break about 500 metres off shore, maybe more, and all day long the pretty fishing boats ferry them back and forth to where the best break is.   They all stay out there for hours surfing, it’s a bit far out to really see them but sometimes you see one catch a wave and I would love to sit out there in a boat and just watch them.  It’s been one of the relaxing highlights of my holiday watching them all each day.   

I’ve been very relaxed & serene and tried to be very quiet this break as I’m trying to practise serenity & calmness and I think I’m doing pretty good, I only talk when spoken to I expect it’s like being  one of those no speaking monks, and I’m beginning to understand why they do it!!!  After a while you begin to notice different things because you aren’t talking to someone, for instance I’ve found small things very interesting.  They have tiny little finches here that are endlessly entertaining flitting around the gorgeous plants & shrubs and very beautiful art, sometimes it’s just a stone carving for a wall but the details are lovely.  I feel my senses have heightened as all I can smell is the fragrance of  the gorgeous frangipani which comes in so many variations over here, I wish I could take cuttings home with me.   I’ve also been watching  the religious ceremony of offerings which are made fresh each morning and placed in different locations, there is one small temple near the resort that I’ve been able to watch a girl do this ritual each day and she has a selection of food & flowers that she gathers and then puts them at the site with incense burning, it’s so therapeutic to watch & absorb.   

Today I leave this beautiful coastline and head up to Ubud, I’m a little aprehensive as I feel safe & secure here, but I’m hoping to do some yoga & ceramics while I’m up there so I will keep you posted….. Shhhh…