So far so good with my Ubud experiences.  I’ve been lost so many times that I should have lost thousands of pounds but alas, the food is very good!!!   It has taken some adjustment for me to relax and accept my new surroundings as they are so very different from down at the coast.   It is quite difficult to get around here without a scooter so I’m destined for a lot of walking or to pay for a taxi.   So I walk!  After three days I have finally got the hang of walking without thinking about it and as it’s very hilly here you have to adjust and slow down and just walk. 

Having said that it’s very beautiful and I’m in awe of the beautiful little lanes that wend there way throughout the whole of the area.  Because I’m travelling alone I find things are so much simpler and I can pace myself with the surroundings.   I got up very early yesterday and walked down the mountain to where the Camphuan River runs and above that is a famous trail which runs along the whole ridge above the river, it was quite difficult climb for me as I’m not as fit as I think I am!!!  But I was chuffed that I finished it and I had the company of a local dog up & back (I think he felt sorry for me).  I felt like doing the rocky dance but instead walked further still to a ceramic factory I was interested in seeing.  Very lovely work but the area I wanted to see out the back was closed to the public that day (typical) I did buy a small momento to take home.

Today I’ve bitten the bullet and hired a taxi as I want to see the famous rice fields at Tegalalang and the Tohpati village where they make the batik fabrics, will keep you posted…..