Hello to all my long lost Bloggers!!!  I am still going and thought I would send you all an update of what is happening down this way in the South-West of Western Australia.  I have been very busy producing and selling my work & have tried to stay in the workshop as long as possible.  I have started expanding my range to include more functional wares & also adding home decor to my list of achievements.  Recently I have been doing some markets again as well which I have really enjoyed.  While I was there diligently working (bottom photo)  I was thrilled to watch printmaker Lynne Mitchell do a quick hands on demo.  I wish I had more hours in the day so I could try and do everything that interests me!!!  I would love to do printmaking it’s so hand on and except for the lino cutting seems to be a beautiful process for making art that can appeal to everyone. (plus its so much easier to transport!!)  That of course is the pleasure of going to markets, that you get to talk & debate with other artists.  Sometimes being in the workshop all the time can be very isolating & your mind starts to play tricks on you.  I recommend getting out into the sunshine & finding your closest market where you get feedback from all the customers even the negative ones!!